Message from the President

130 Years in Business, and towards a New Step Forward

130 Years in Business, and towards a New Step Forward

Company founder, Hisajiro Hashimoto, started out in the iron business and built a foundation as a plumbing equipment dealer.
Our second-generation leader, Seijiro Hashimoto, began as a manufacturer and wholesaler, selling products by catalog and manufacturing the Company’s own products. Our third-generation leader, the current chairman, expanded our business as a distributor for manufacturers.
Since assuming the duties of president, I have been striving to realize customer satisfaction, forge close ties with local communities and utilize systems under the theme of being the best partner.

In addition, I believe that there are some things in a company that should not be changed.
That is the aspiration and spirit of our employees: honesty, kindness, enthusiasm, and gratitude as well as continually maintaining a feeling of appreciation.
With the same spirit, we will continue to grow and evolve in order to improve the quality of our company as the best partner by doing business in response to the trends of the times.

Hashimoto Sogyo Holdings Ltd.
President and Representative Director

Masaaki Hashimoto

In an Age of Diverse Risks

Globally, a world characterized by polarization and conflict has become increasingly clear, as evidenced by the US-China confrontation and the East-West divide. Additionally, with international cooperation being shaken, various risks are emerging that include an inflationary trend arising from employment-related issues and energy supply problems triggered by the war in Ukraine.
In Japan as well, the current age that requires constant responses to risk is expected to continue as the number of new COVID-19 infections continually fluctuates while political instability and low economic growth persist.

In an Age of Diverse Risks

Turning Risk into Opportunity through Risk Management

We are now in an age when various changes and risks are expected. Precisely for this reason, I believe opportunities can be created amid crises by anticipating and managing these risks.
We will turn risk into opportunities by continuously anticipating these risks and striving to seize accurate information and respond appropriately as well as by facing this risk with strong conviction and resolve in executing risk management.

Turning Risk into Opportunity through Risk Management

Seven Fields for the Future

The Group considers this situation as an opportunity and has formulated the Seven Fields for the Future as business and financial issues to be addressed on a priority basis while as a specific theme we will work to upgrade and expand our products.

Fields Keyword MIRAI Products


  • Economic measures
  • With COVID-19
  • After COVID-19

Anti-COVID-19 products
(ventilation, sterilization, immunity)

Environmental energy

  • Carbon zero
  • Saving, creating, and storing energy

Environmental energy products
(air conditioning, ventilation, hot water supply)

Used home distribution and renovation

  • Stock utilization,
  • Various renovations
    (kitchen, bathroom, energy saving, etc.)

Renovation products
(kitchen, bathroom, energy saving, non-housing)

Health and comfort

  • Social security reform
  • Aging of society
  • Medical and nursing care reform

Wellness products
(downsizing, medical care, nursing care)

Safety and security

  • National land fortification
  • Earthquakes
  • Floods
  • Disaster prevention
  • Reconstruction

Infrastructure products
(reconstruction, disaster prevention, crime prevention)

Regional revitalization

  • Inbound demand
  • Regional development
  • Tourism

Regional products
(tourism, regions, agriculture)

Utilization of IT technology

  • Digital economy
  • Internet
  • Shared business
  • 5G
  • IoT
  • AI
  • Big data

IT products
(IoT, AI, 5G)