Hashimoto Sogyo Holdings Group at a Glance

Hashimoto Sogyo Holdings Group at a Glance

About Hashimoto Sogyo Holdings Group

This is the employee edition of a commercial aired during the program Study Tennis Scientifically broadcast on Saturday, January 14, 2023 on BS Fuji.
All models appearing in the commercial are employees who actually work at the Tokyo branch and the Tokyo distribution center.


Strengths of the Hashimoto Sogyo Holdings Group

Products - One stop


Through transactions with numerous manufacturers, we provide one-stop responses to the product needs of each and every customer. Furthermore, we propose new products and top-selling products in a timely manner via MIRAI Markets throughout Japan and sales promotional materials such as catalogs and our MIRAI monthly PR magazine.


Logistics - Just-in-Time


Backed by our stock of 40,000 items and a system for immediate deliveries, we provide products needed by customers when these are needed on a just-in-time basis. Moreover, through OPS we realize all functions from product stock inquiries to ordering 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Service - We work together with our customers to help solve their problems by promoting digital conversion (DX), offering training, and providing information.


Each individual customer's needs are different. Using our one-to-one approach, we work together with our customers to help them solve their problems that include promoting OPS, HOPE and other DX, offering training such as e-learning and on-the-job training and providing hybrid information


Hashimoto Sogyo Holdings Group in Numbers

Company founding 0 years

Number of employees 0

Group sales 0 billion yen

Ordinary income 0 billion yen

Net assets 0 billion yen

Equity ratio 0 %

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