Medium-term Initiatives -Prosper Together-

Medium-term Initiatives

We will work on "the 3 Fulls" as a growth strategy, "MIRAI Activities" as a network strategy, and "Evolving Activities" as an initiative to improve productivity.

the 3 "Fulls" (Growth Initiatives)

In addition to enhancing full coverage and a full line as the basic features of wholesale, we are working together with clients, suppliers and builders in a four-part effort to strengthen our features.

Full Coverage - Anywhere

Full Coverage - Anywhere

We address national demand on a prefectural basis.

  1. We seek full coverage of Japan.
  2. Operating on a prefectural basis, we address construction demand in each prefecture.
  3. We are building a regional network of clients and suppliers.
Number of branchns
Number of offices
Full Line - Anything

Full Line - Anything

We offer a one-stop service to deliver products upon request from clients.

  1. Any equipment-related materials can be made available in a one-stop manner.
    (List of suppliers: 780 companies)
  2. Also, our service actively extends to new business domains, such as civil engineering, construction materials and electric equipment materials.
  3. An electronic brochure is utilized and made available for viewing online and on a tablet.
Electronic brochure Number of copies
Latest brochure 5,000冊
Old brochures 3,000冊

Full Function - Anything

Seven basic features, nine process features and nine solution features are strengthened.

Basic 7 features Nine process features Nine solution features
(1)Service Quick, reasonably priced and unfailing Prior (1)Pre-transaction inquiries Leading proposals to inquiries (1)Logistics Acting as an inventory, delivery and processing agency
(2)Price Beating competitors in the reasonableness of prices (2)Receiving orders Leading quotations to orders (2)Construction Construction of plumbing, air-conditioners and energy equipment
(3)Inventory Improvement of immediately deliverable items ready for purchase (3)Inquiries Leading inquiries to immediate replies (3)Information Addressing the shift to cloud computing and to a network
(4)Delivery Our deliveries cover construction offices and sites and can be made twice within specific areas Same day (4)Delivery One-stop, just-in-time delivery (4)System Spread of HOPE, OPS and DocuWorks
(5)Sales promotion Improve sales promotion activities to prosper together (5)Construction Striving to receive orders that include construction (5)Operations Handling vouchers and acting for clients in filing applications
(6)Training We will organize and implement training programs upon request (6)Processing Striving to receive orders for processed products (6)Support Design, energy saving and guarantee of equipment
(7)Information Directly delivering industry information Subsequent (7)Subsequent maintenance Our service also covers subsequent maintenance (7)Education Basics, products and construction training, also available online
(8)Local procurement We ensure appropriate local procurement (8)Human resources Recruitment and education
(9)Replacement We will lead demand for replacement to proposals and orders (9)Finance Insurance, leasing and loans

MIRAI Activities (Efforts to become the largest and best network in the industry)

We contribute to the development of the industry as a whole by seeking to build “best partner” relationships where persons connect with one another to mutually elevate their businesses, departing from the conventional seller-buyer relationship.

*In November 2013, MIRAI Activities received the Quality Innovation Award from the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers.

In November 2013, MIRAI Activities received the Quality Innovation Award from the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers.
  • Effectiveness

    - Hub features in MIRAI Activities
    - Training store personnel
    - Aggressive activities with ICT

  • Reproducibility

    - Expert system
    - Training the next generation of human resources for the industry
    - Deepening and developing the management environment based on eco-stages

  • Innovativeness

    - Complementation of MIRAI-kai, MIRAI market events and MIRAI information
    - Evolving business model initiatives

MIRAI-kai - Four-part development on a prefectural basis

MIRAI-kai - Four-part development on a prefectural basis

We seek the continued expansion and improvement of MIRAI-kai to cater to requests from suppliers.

  1. Training programs and events of the MIRAI-kai will be improved further to attract more members.
  2. Requests from members will be addressed and the organization’s activities will be improved.
  3. Our clients, suppliers, builders and Hashimoto Sogyo Holdings operate a four-part business.
Our clients, suppliers, builders and Hashimoto Sogyo Holdings operate a four-part business.
Distributors 375 companies (465 offices)
Suppliers 137 companies (681 offices)
Financial members 27 companies
Construction MIRAI-kai 70 companies
MIRAI market events - Forum for mutual sales promotion among members

MIRAI market events - Forum for mutual sales promotion among members

We will keep trying to make the events better so that they serve as a forum for sales promotion activities among clients, suppliers and distributors. With SR MIRAI market events and WEB MIRAI market events, we strive to hold MIRAI market events every month.

  1. We offer MIRAI-kai members a forum for mutual sales promotion.
  2. Manufacturers' showrooms are also used to organize SR MIRAI market events.
  3. Hybrid system - We also organize WEB MIRAI market events.
Schedule Venue Visiting (WEB)
Kyushu April 13 Fukuoka Kokusai Center 1,170
Hokkaido May 26 Access Sapporo 1,152
Tohoku June 11 Yume Messe Miyagi 1,350
Chugoku, Shikoku July 21 Hiroshima City Chusho Kaikan 724
Chubu August 19 and 20 Fukiage Hall 1,658
Tokyo October 14 and 15 Tokyo Big Sight East Exhibition Halls 10,519
Kansai October 22 Osaka International Convention Center 956

Track record of MIRAI market events in 2022

MIRAI service - Dividing different services into different companies

Enabling users to obtain any information anytime and anywhere and make arrangements, our information database (MIRAI Cloud) will keep improving.

  1. Sales promotion Sales promotion tools to help with your business

    • MIRAI Encyclopedia
    • Monthly MIRAI
    • MIRAI TV (members-only)
    • MIRAI Daily News (members-only)
  2. Health Health and service development

    • Clinic
    • Gyms and fitness
    • Tennis and golf
  3. Training Training industry professionals (basics, products and qualifications)

    • Executive seminar (Hashimoto School)
    • Plumbing equipment salespersons and housing equipment and air-conditioner salespersons
    • Shinonome Training Center
  4. IT IT to help with streamlining operations and business

    • OPS, HOPE
    • DocuWorks, ZOOM
    • System coordination, customization
  5. Subcommittee Subcommittees by priority themes

    • Sekisui MIRAI-kai
    • TOTO MIRAI-kai
    • Industrial Machinery MIRAI-kai
    • Rinnai MIRAI-kai
    • Panasonic MIRAI-kai
    • Daikin MIRAI-kai
  6. Events Events

    • Manufacturing/sales gatherings
    • Plant training and overseas training
    • WEB MIRAI market event
  7. Logistics Improvement of intra-area delivery

    • MIRAI delivery service
    • MIRAI immediate delivery list
    • MIRAI processing service
  8. Media Rolled out over all companies of MIRAI-kai

    • PV
    • Manufacturers' products
    • Live streaming

Evolving activities (Efforts to improve productivity)

In the changing times, we will keep updated on site improvement issues and ensure that the company evolves accordingly.
We focus improvements on “people, workings and making mechanisms” and seek to enhance productivity.

Workings (realization of MIRAI plan) - Commercial distribution (consistency), logistics (cooperation) and information (sharing)

We work on the consistency of commercial distribution, cooperation of logistics and sharing of the flow of information.

  1. Commercial distribution:
    We pursue consistency (supply chain).
  2. Logistics:
    We pursue cooperation (shift to one-stop service).
  3. Flow of information:
    We pursue sharing (in a direct manner).
  • Commercial distribution

    Commercial distribution

    We use Bukkenking, OPS and DocuWorks to enhance consistency throughout the process from quotations to receiving orders, their arrangements and delivery.

  • Logistics


    Facilitating the shift of logistics to cooperation throughout the process from collection by manufacturers to delivery to sites

  • Flow of information

    Flow of information

    Enhance the sharing of industry information, market conditions, product information and other kinds of useful information about products

Human Resource Development - MIRAI Academy

Human Resource Development - MIRAI Academy

Development of people (MIRAI Academy)

  1. We develop industry professionals and organize both offline and on-demand training programs.
  2. We seek to facilitate the acquisition of the basics of work, product knowledge and industrial qualifications.
  3. Training on products, business manners, skills and others is provided online and in classroom lectures.
Making mechanisms (qualitative improvement of companies)

Making mechanisms (qualitative improvement of companies)

We are pushing forward with digitalization, utilization of IT, 5S, visualization and team activities.

  1. We pursue 5S activities: Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain).
  2. We seek to achieve better visualization (information, behavior, outcomes).
  3. We encourage the use of IT (shift to a DX company).